ALBUM The Kings Book


Suga Roy & Conrad Crystal

The Kings Book

DIGITAL RELEASE [Oneness Records]
Release date: 5/30/2014



01. See Dem A Run
02. Who Are You feat.Gappy Ranks
03. Helping Hand
04. Run Come feat. Alborosie
05. Word Sound & Power
06. Life Is A Gamble feat. Maikal X
07. Never Stop feat. Natural Black
08. No Love feat. Cocoa Tea
09. Party Ska
10. Father Help Us All
11. Never Give Up Jah
12. Roots Music
13. When My Life

Featured artists: Alborosie, Cocoa Tea, Gappy Ranks, Maikal X, Natural Black.

Suga Roy & Conrad Crystal feat. Alborosie | Run Come


The fourth album of jamaican DJ Suga Roy and Singer Conrad Crystal will be released on Oneness Records on May 30th 2014, available on all digital download- and streaming platforms. „The Kings Book“ contains 12 conscious modern roots tracks produced by Oneness Records and co-produced by Suga Roy, as well as Suga Roy and Conrad Crystal‘s version “Never Give Up Jah“ on the „Feel Good“ riddim by T‘NT .

The album features combinations with Alborosie on „Run Come“ Gappy Ranks on „Who Are You“, Natural Black on „Never Stop“ and Cocoa Tea on „No Love“. The Itunes version of the album also contains the bonus track „When My Life“. 2 Music Videos have been shot for „Run Come“ and „Never Stop“ in Jamaica and will be released along with the album. Oneness Records and Suga Roy & Conrad Crystal first joined forces for „Roots Music“, Suga & Conrad‘s contribution to the „Rub A Dub Man“ riddim in 2012. This collaboration lead to the full length album „The Kings Book“ that is now ready for release.



The energetic force of Suga Roy & Conrad Crystal has been powerfully impacting the international reggae scene ever since they started working together more then 10 years ago.

In 2002, Suga Roy, then a talented DJ and producer, was so impressed with Conrad Crystal’s 1986 release, ‘True Love’, that he sought out the singer and requested that both of them record a remake of the hit single. The remake was a success and both found that they had a natural chemistry. More combinations followed: a cover of the Pat Kelly original ‘Talk About Love’, followed by a cover of Gregory Isaacs’ ‘Love Overdue’. All powerful, thought-provoking tracks that enjoyed success on the local and international charts, as well as getting heavy rotation in the dancehalls and on the airwaves.

‘Education Wise’, an anthem in schools, held the number one spot on the Mega Jamz chart for three weeks, ‘Love Overdue’ peaked at number four on the RJR chart and both tunes rode Richie B’s Hot Mix chart. Other singles from the duo were just as potent, including ‘Johnny Too Bad’, ‘Piece Of The Action’, ‘Trace’, ‘Don’t Stop The Music’, ‘Righteous Train’, ‘Down In Jamaica’ and ‘So Many Persons’.

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