Charm and beauty are important characteristics but a striking personality plus an exceptional talent for songwriting and her peerless vocal attributes are undeniable. Many agree that DASIA is poised to capture the hearts of reggae fans all over the world, a definite promise enhanced with every song released, and she is determined to follow up on her successful releases.

Dasia Lloyd who is known to her fans as DASIA was born in the parish of St. Catherine Jamaica on January 21. Her talents were manifested when she was only eight, listening to the voice of her grandmother singing around the house and Dasia would join in and start singing. Her Grandmother would say you have a good voice and smiled at her; this made Dasia fell like a star. She later started performing items at church, singing at mini concerts around her Spanish Town community and also at school. “It came naturally”. I didn’t get up one day and say “you know what?” “I’m going to be a singer”, she points out. It is a far way from her formative years singing at weddings and funerals while still a teenager.

Dasia a past student of the St Joseph’s High School was very active in organizing concerts, forming the school choir and participating in devotional activities. Dasia made her first set of fans performing at school concerts.  By this Dasia knew the career path she wanted to undertake. As a teen her favorite quote was “music makes me feel alive”. It never stopped there. For Dasia as a teen she got her first exposure as a professional musician when she teamed up with two friends at St. Josephs High School to form the trio Da-Na-Te’. The group went on to become finalist in the Tastee Talent contest in 1998 performing an original piece.

Today, Dasia’s voice frequently permeate the airwaves through her hit single ”Down Here” (Represent We) done on the “Fresh Air” beat, “On a recording many people contend is one of the best from a reggae female act in recent times. This song was recorded for deejay and record producer Mr. G, but this was just the beginning for this ultra-gifted songstress.

Her unique silken voice is ideal for the deeply emotional songs she unleashes. Such as ”Pain” done on the V1 Records label, ”Remember Those Days” for Arrows Records, “Give Me More” on the Stukie riddim, ”Tonight Is The Night” on the Charmax Label recently re-mixed by IMG label and features Gramps Morgan and also “Wid Wi” formerly known as “Down Here”, ”Nothing But Love” combination with I Octane done for radio personality Tricia ”DJ Sparks” Spence, “Thanks and Praise” for Krush Proof Muzik, “One Touch on the Likkle Peppa Records label, ”Child Molester” on the Good Ride Riddim done for artiste and producer Suga Roy a remake of the Joy Ride riddim and many more. Behind the scene photos for “Tonight’s video shoot is featured in Ultra Modern Reggae and dancehall magazine.

Dasia does not need personal experience to express her passion and emotions which comes out in her song writing but instead draws on others for inspiration. Today her main wish is to be the ultimate reggae diva. That position will no doubt be secured by the several recordings done for various independent record producers that also include combinations with Anthony B, Stevie Face, I Octane, Determine, Kristopher, New Kidz, Suga Roy and Conrad Crystal, Jamaican rapper 2 Kool and a few more.

Dasia is not new to performances. She has done shows locally and also overseas, just to name a few, Sting 2003-04, Reggae in the Hills 2004, East Fest 2004, Bob Marley’s 60th Birth Celebration 2005, His Majesty Coronation Celebration 2005, Black My Story 2007, Rototom Sunsplash European Festival 2008, Reggae Sundance 2008, One Love Reggae Music Festival 2009, Jamaica’s Independence Celebration live concert 2014 to name a few.  These include solo acts and also backing vocals for Anthony B, Cocoa Tea and Sugar Minott which gave her the opportunity to tour the Caribbean, England, Japan, America, Canada and Europe. She was also featured in Bascomb X video ”Lonely” and Teflon’s ”Always Love You”.

Recently Dasia created uproar in the industry with her new image and style. Her sophisticated, sexy and sultry voice has gotten her featured on Reggaeville out of Germany with the remake of Phil Phillips song “Sea of Love” produced by recording artiste and producer Leroy Moore “aka” Suga Roy of the Fireball Records. Currently her new single ‘’Cheating’’ which features a video on the same Fireball Records label is showing Dasia has a serious contender. She has been making moves with her latest music video and new releases to come.

She is currently being managed and marketed by Icerush Music Group and Fireball Records own by Leroy Moore aka Suga Roy. DASIA is also a member of the Fireball Crew she is busy recording her debut album which will be released at a date to be announced. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her daughter.